Rakomelo: characteristics, preparation and flavor of this liqueur

Rakomelo is a famous liqueur typical of Greece, where it is referred to as “ρακόμελο” (which is pronounced “raco-melo”).


The recipe for making rakomelo involves the official use of a traditional liqueur, called “raki” (someone also uses the “tsipouro” or “tsikoudia” liqueur), honey and various spices (mostly cardamom, clove, and cinnamon, but there are many variations that other aromatic herbs may include).

How to drink rakomelo?

Rakomelo (here you can see a photo) is drunk mostly as a digestive, usually served lukewarm with a little glass of water, at the end of a hearty meal, or inside the ouzeri (greek taverns) or into eateries such as the famous restaurants in Monastiraki, one of the liveliest neighborhoods in Athens.

Occasionally Rakomelo is served with an ice cube during the hottest periods; Finally, it is also used for the preparation of cocktails.


The name of the Rakomelo is probably composed of two different Greek words and make up the two main ingredients: raki (ρακή) and honey (μέλι).


Various origins are hypothesized concerning the history of Rakomelo, one of the most quoted concerns its possible medieval origin within the Greek islands.



The color of Rakomelo is generally that of slightly darkened honey, often golden.


The taste of Rakomelo is that of an aromatic liqueur, with a fruity aroma with possible nutty and pleasantly sweet aroma; the influence of honey and the spice used, as well as the variety of raki used for the preparation, is strong in taste.


On average the alcohol content of Rakomelo is 24% – 25%, therefore equal to 24 – 25 degrees.


Do you want to know how to make Rakomelo? The Rakomelo recipe requires mixing and heating raki and honey together, where the raki must be 2 or a little more, depending on the desired taste, together with honey. Before heating everything, it is right for the correct recipe to choose a spice to add, possibly from the above mentioned ones, namely cinnamon, cloves or cardamom.

Where it is produced

Generally in Greece, more specifically the Rakomelo is found mostly produced in the small islands of the Aegean Sea or the innermost centers of Greece.

The most famous

The best known Rakomelo are probably those of Milos, Athens, Kamari, Crete.

Where to buy Rakomelo

You can buy Rakomelo online easily.

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